about lindsAy.

I'm LindsAy - with an A. I started blogging here in 2009, although I really got my start with online "journaling" in 2004 when I created my own LiveJournal. Very cool, I know.

I live in Colorado, by way of Michigan. When I was in college, bouncing around a million ideas for what I should major in and what I should do with my life, I realized in an Introduction to Sport Management class that I could work for the Olympics. I've been fortunate enough to realize my dream of working for the Olympic Movement and I have lived in Colorado since 2008 as a result. I'm a content coordinator at a National Governing Body and I get to write and edit for web, magazine and social media, and much much more.

Besides the Olympics, Michigan is really my true love. I will take every opportunity to show you where I am from on my map (my hands) and I try to visit my family and friends there as often as possible. Colorado might have mountains but Michigan has lakes - great ones!

Other stuff I like: swimming, Star Wars (and Harry Potter and a few other fictional characters - I'm not going to lie to you), montages, cooking and baking (although I really hate following recipes), birthdays, sandwiches, baseball, snail mail, Winnie the Pooh, Calvin and Hobbes, most things Disney and dance parties.

I blog about running (which I'm trying to be better at), traveling (which I do a lot), being a twenty-something (at least for a few more years) and some other random stuff.

One day I want to visit all 50 states and more countries than the five I've been to outside of the U.S. I'm currently taking classes for my master's degree and hope to be done before I turn 30. I don't post every day and I don't plan to. I'm excited to see what will happen next. Maybe, I will even meet you.

Just please don't spell my name with an E.

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