Sunday, February 24, 2013

touch the wall.

Because it's snowy and cold outside in Colorado today, I figured it would be a great day to stay inside and get some things done around my apartment (like that laundry I've been avoiding or baking these "muffins"). Part of my "getting things done" means hanging out on the internet, which led me to see this project called "Touch the Wall."

Before I tell you why this looks like an awesome project, check out the video:

 I think if you are a fan of swimming (and maybe even if you're not), you might already realize that this movie could really capture the Olympic journey for two American swimmers who qualified for London. 

When I was growing up, swimming was what sparked my love of the Olympic Games and sport in general. I was no good at soccer (I got made fun of as a 9-year-old for being a slow runner - true story), and when I started swimming, it was something I genuinely loved and was good at. It was swimming that really set my on the path I have been on, so to see a documentary like this featuring athletes I respect is something I can put my support behind. Plus, I remember being in awe over Kara Lynn Joyce's times when she was a high school swimmer in Michigan.

On a broad note, swimming is something many kids should learn, even if they don't continue on to a competitive team. It's an important skill for a person to have. USA Swimming has recognized this through the Make a Splash program, which they call "a national child-focused water safety initiative which aims to provide the opportunity for every child in America to learn to swim."

More specifically, this video shows two young women who are strong, successful athletes. I think this could be something that sparks many other young girls to get into the pool and get started in swimming. Even if it's not swimming, it might inspire someone who is just getting started in a sport or activity to pursue it further. It will show everyone the possibilities that are out there if you focus, work hard and have a dream.

I became a backer, and I hope more people make a pledge to help this project reach its goal. I think there are a lot of resources out there for sport, but many of them are focused on the "big 4" - football, basketball, baseball, hockey. This is another way to get an Olympic sport into a mainstream media channel, something that should be happening more often based on the drive and talent of many of these athletes. 

What types of projects have you backed on Kickstarter? What kind of projects appeal to you?

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