Friday, September 28, 2012

i haven't.

Friday requires a list so here you go.

I haven't:

- Written in my blog in a very long time because I haven't had that much to say.

- Gotten over London yet. I still want to go back, and I will.

- Been very good about running or swimming or biking on a regular basis. Not that I'm a triathlete or something but those are things I like to do. In the last week (7 days) I have done each of those things approximately 1 time. I hope to be better at this moving forward.

- Actually gone to a recruitment event for my sorority in four years now, and I miss it sometimes. Mostly because there was something special about being part of a sisterhood like that, and when you're 1,300 miles away you don't really get that feeling. Especially on bid day when everyone else is together and having fun and you are at home watching a triathlon on your computer...

My last formal recruitment - I'm in the blue since I was a
Gamma Chi and somehow there weren't enough shirts!

- Said much about school yet but it's hard. I mean, obviously. A master's degree isn't really a cakewalk but it definitely took me five tries to get an appropriately structured thesis statement for my research paper. I promise I'm not all that bad at school (I mean, right now my grade is awesome so that should tell you I'm not bad at school) but I am used to a very different style of writing.

- Figured out what I am doing yet when I go to New Zealand in two weeks. What an experience that will be... keeping in mind that most of the time I am there, I am there for work.

- Learned exactly what I should be doing yet, but I have realized that's just part of being 26.

- Seen people I would like to see in months and months. Fortunately this changes soon.

- Caught up to current episodes of How I Met Your Mother yet but man, what a great show. It kind of makes me think of Friends (I've seen a comparison online somewhere, too), which is fitting since that is probably my favorite show of all time.

- Shared this enough because it's funny so... why I like fall

As I can't think of much more to say...

If you have an "I haven't" to add, leave a comment. I can't be the only one. 


  1. I haven't seen my best friend since July. It bums me out, because there are little stupid moments that would be better if you were here to share them.

  2. I don't classify December as soon. At least it isn't soon enough. Unless you aren't talking about me as a person you would like to see but haven't.

  3. I haven't brought out my winter clothes yet. I just can't get with the program! it'll be 50's here in MN next week - ACK!!!