Monday, July 23, 2012

monday mash-up.

This post has no rhyme or reason. Hence the title, Monday Mash-up.

I can't embed this video, so I am going to just give you the link. But if you like Tom Hiddleston as much as I do, you should watch this. He explains how he is like Loki, the character he plays in "Thor" and "The Avengers." And it made me laugh out loud to myself last night. So watch it.

He's also quite handsome.

Mostly I am realizing that there are just so many great British things in existence. Which makes me all that much more excited to go there in about a month (or less than five weeks from now) for the 2012 Paralympic Games. I will hold off on saying that I want to live there until after I go. But I kind of already want to, just for a little while. I will let you decide if that is crazy or not.

This happened.

This band is not from England but they are from New York and Sam and I are having a dance party to it today. Feel free to join in, if you feel so inclined.

This article amuses me. I mean, I know I likely see the world differently than someone who is from the South (because I'm a Yankee)(and there's nothing wrong with being a Yankee or being from the South) but telling women they have four years to find a husband because:

That’s right ladies, four years to find a husband. Every true woman knows how vital it is to find the right brilliant babe to father their children and replenish their bank accounts. A Southern belle is nothing but a pretty face and pearls without a man to eat her cooking and appreciate her cleaning.

Oh my.

I got to spend my weekend with my friend Erin, who is my sorority sister and one of my greatest friends. She was out in Colorado for work and made a trip down to see me. We ate some good food (including fro-yo from Buttercup's - twice!) and visited Garden of the Gods and the Olympic Training Center. She said she can see why I live here, and why I have been here for four years.

I would love to be closer to my family and my friends; it's true. But right now it makes little sense to leave what is essentially the only job I ever dreamed about. I like being excited about my job and the experiences I get to have because of it. And I think there's this big world out there that needs to be explored, and I want to do that. So maybe after I feel like I have accomplished that, I will think more seriously about being closer to home.

But it's fun to see old friends, especially when they are the kind of friends who don't care if you act a little nuts sometimes. 

I thought running and I were going to get back on good terms but I was probably wrong considering I got awful shin splints last week... the same day I signed up for a 5k that takes place this Friday. It figures. So this week I am going to kind of avoid running. Until Friday anyway. And if I'm slow, oh well. At least somehow these shin splints were not so debilitating that I couldn't run. I just... couldn't walk very well after I was done.

The moral of the story is that I still need to get more interested in biking.

I get to see Florence and the Machine at Red Rocks Amphitheater on Wednesday! I have been waiting to hear Flo sing live for years, so I am excited. And that's not even a good word to describe it.

Speaking of other things I am excited about, I saw "The Dark Knight Rises" yesterday, and it was extraordinary. I won't give anything away, but if you have seen it and feel like talking about it, we can. I want to go see it again, actually. It was just... wonderful. We won't talk about how much I cried though. I don't really know why that happened.


I guess there's a lot of good and positive things happening, which maybe will make up for the sad and bad of recent weeks.

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