Thursday, May 3, 2012

get moving.

This has felt like the longest week ever. Someone please tell me this has been a long week for you, too, so I don't feel like I'm alone in this? Although, this is probably what happens when you spend the last two weeks traveling, working over the weekend, and only spending three days each week actually in the office. Somehow going from three days in the office to five seems cruel, even though I was working even when I wasn't here.


I don't know about you, but when I travel I usually get tired. Like, really tired. I said in my last post that I needed a nap. Which might be an understatement. I need lots of naps, and a Saturday to myself.

They are calling to you to SIT DOWN. Don't listen.
But the thing is, when I am traveling and when I am tired, I don't feel as motivated to workout. I know I should go running, or biking, or whatever, but usually I get home and see my chair and think "Oh you cushy so-and-so! I have missed sitting here. I will sit here all night and not accomplish anything." And then I do and then I haven't worked out and I haven't cleaned up things and it's just a disaster.

This week I have been better about it.

Maybe it was because I didn't run at all last week, and I missed it (usually my legs let me know when they want to go running). Maybe it was because I got a new pair of shoes. Or because I signed up for a half marathon in October (since the original half I signed up for is right smack in the middle of my trip to New Zealand). I even ran at lunch on Tuesday, which is not a normality for me because I hate feeling gross when I'm sitting at my desk. You know that feeling.

I even just restarted my membership at 24 Hour Fitness, because I want to go swimming so badly I think my body is feeling antsy about it. Even though I hate the water there and sometimes it is busy and there are cranky old ladies there who are mad that lap swimmers are taking up their space to walk back and forth with a pool noodle. I want to swim, so I will.

The thing is, my little steps are important. Sitting in my chair sounds all great until I realize it's not helping me to be a healthier person (except when I'm so tired I can't see straight, in which case it's better to sit down). I might not be able to run all that far right now, and it has been at least four months since I've been in the pool. That's just stupid on my part. And there's really no excuse.

See, there are people out there more active than you. There are Paralympians who are missing limbs or missing the ability to move the limbs they have. There are people who are on a weight loss journey, who are bigger than you (or at least at one point they were) who are out there doing these things. There are people waking up at hours you consider way too early so they can get their workout in before their kids get up. And there are people like the guy in this video, who are in their 80s and still doing Ironman triathlons.


The thing is, these people are challenged. They spend time doing something that makes their bodies feel good. They are being active. They are getting fit and staying healthy. 

And to me, for me, there is no excuse. 

I might not ever be thin. I might never fit into anything smaller than a size 12 pair of pants. Some people might be critical of me and how I look. It's fine. Because they are not me, and I'm the one that has to be happy with it. If I'm healthy, that's what matters. And you know? Some of those people making judgements and being critical of what people weigh and what people look like? They aren't doing anything but sitting at home on their couches.

Get moving, guys. It will make your body feel better, and it might even make you be a little more understanding of what it takes to accomplish a goal, even if it's a little one.

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  1. I love this, L. In fact, I have been thinking long and hard about goals of my own and motivating myself to take that first step. I think this just did it. Thank you...your insight is priceless. Love you!