Thursday, July 28, 2011

go it alone.

If you're like me, you probably have a list of things you want to do. I don't mean chores (those are things you probably should do and still don't anyway; it's fine), I mean fun things. Movies. Concerts. Trips.

Now let me ask you a question. When you want to do one of these fun things, do you wait until you find someone to go with you? Or do you go anyway, even if it means going by yourself?

I'm here to tell you that if you really want to do something, don't let someone else dictate that for you. If you want to go see a movie, just go. Seriously. You might feel kind of silly going up to the counter alone, or getting your ticket stub ripped alone, but honestly? The lights will go down in the theater and no one will know you are alone. Especially if it's crowded. You can't talk to the person next to you in a movie (unless you want popcorn thrown at your head). If you really need to talk to someone about what you just saw, call a friend who has also seen it. Likely someone has.

Concerts are a little harder. But it can be done. You go, you blend in with those people around you, and maybe you even make a few friends. You're not there to hang out with your pals as much as you are to see the band you paid $25, $50 or $85 to see. Sure, it's fun to be able to shout at your friend how awesome the live music is, but what if no one wants to go with you?

That's really the key here. What do you do when you want to do something, and no one is willing to shell out the cash to join you? Do you just give up and not go? That might seem easier, but chances are you'll realize how much you really want to go.

I've gone to concerts alone before. I go to movies by myself all the time. It's liberating, and guess what? It means you don't have to wait around for someone else to decide they want to join you.

I think the most important thing about doing things alone is that you've decided to take your life into your own hands and do what you enjoy. It's pointless to let someone else stop you from doing what you want to do, especially if it is something you have been looking forward to, like Captain America or something.

Don't miss Ryan Gosling's abs because your friends are lame.

Think about things in your life that you have really wanted to do and missed the opportunity. Was it because you couldn't find company? If you are always waiting around for someone else to decide they want to tag along, you might miss out on a lot of cool experiences that you obviously aren't going to have sitting at home on your couch watching reruns of The Office on Netflix instant play. Sorry.

There are plenty of chances to go it alone. Go out to lunch, take a trip (even if it's short and just hours from your home address), go to the mall. You don't have to have a friend to do some of these things, even if having someone to chat with makes it a little more fun. Friend, acquaintance or not, don't let someone else be the reason for your regrets later on.

This is really a good lesson for all aspects of life. When you are an individual and feel empowered, you can meet the needs of other people without giving up your dreams and hopes. It's important to maintain a sense of self, and take care of yourself, even when it feels like a difficult thing to do.

Take charge and do what you want. You'll feel better for it.

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  1. "Don't miss Ryan Gosling's abs just because your friends are lame" may be the best quote ever.