Monday, January 10, 2011

attitude is everything.

Your attitude can make or break you. It's true.

My mom used to tell me: "attitude is everything." Yes, she may have been dealing with a grouchy teenager at the time, but it's something that stuck with me and holds true.

This running thing is a prime example of how attitude is everything. I am not a runner. (Not yet.) My history with running is painful and short. I run, my shins hurt, I stop. I think the one shining moment in my running career was a mile we had to run in P.E. in 8th grade and I finished in just under 8 minutes. That was 10 years ago. At least. Because the details are fuzzy now. Anyway.

I made these plans with SK to do a running race this year. And it's the big daddy of all running races, a marathon. Some people might say to set your sights on a 5k. Or a 10k. Or a half marathon. But if I'm going to do something, I want to go all in. Like when I wanted to work for the Olympic Movement. I said that was my goal, and I accomplished it. I think I've been missing a big goal lately, and this is perfect.

Today was frustrating. I was excited because I got new shoes and was ready to break them in without a lot of running. I got new sports bras. It snowed today so I went to the "gym" at my apartment complex and did my walking (with only a bit of running; I'm going to repeat week one...) and my shins felt like they were going to blow up. It's painful to have shin splits, and I felt annoyed. For once, I had looked forward to hitting the treadmill all day...and now it wasn't working out how I hoped it would. It hurt.

Icing is becoming part of my evening routine.

But I'm not going to quit. Yes, it's true that I don't particularly find joy in my shins feeling like they might burst, but if I get a bad attitude about this, I'd be defeating myself before I ever really got started. Marathons (and pretty much all other endurance sports) are almost as much mental as they are physical. I need to stay positive about my running, even if I have a bad day.

That being said, I let myself get excited today when I was looking at races to add to my schedule. Here's what I have so far:

May 7: Take 5 in the Garden (5 miler)
May 21: Save the Manatee 5k run (in Michigan!)
June 12: Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run
Sept. 5: American Discovery Trail Marathon (the big one!)

I've never made a schedule like this before. I'm really excited to have races on my schedule, and it's probably safe to say that after two full years of working at USAT, I've been bitten by some kind of insane, endurance-sport bug.

The most important thing to remember is that attitude will define this journey. If I can stay positive, I can accomplish anything. And believe me, this can apply to any aspect of your life, not just running.


  1. Def. a lot of mental and a lot of physical - good thing we are strong women. Keep up the attitude for the next 8 months :-)

  2. Have you tried KT Tape for the shin splints? I got them bad when I first started running again a couple years ago, and that was the stuff that really got me through it.

  3. I haven't tried KT Tape. Where can I find that?